We love rosa!


Let me begin by saying that I am a pandemic bride. I became engaged 2019 and had begun planning for 2020 alongside Rosa and AWP. From the moment we had our first appointment, Rosa is and has been: professional, poised, respectful, transparent, helpful, charming, resourceful, not to mention she has absolutely fabulous taste. About eight weeks before the big day, my now husband and I made the incredibly hard decision to postpone our nuptials for a year due to skyrocketing cases of Covid and severe restrictions in Central Texas. I can truly and deeply attest that had it not been for Rosa’s support, professionalism, and extensive connections throughout the industry, there would have been no wedding, like I literally would’ve just gone to the JP and Waffle House because the particular task of having to re-plan everything seemed just so terrifying. But… not only did she talk me down (endlessly) from losing my sh!t, she gently and precisely guided me through the process of re-scheduling every vendor from one date to another – I didn’t lose a single one! She wisely advised on what steps I needed to take by what date, what trends were gaining popularity, helped me in the dress-selecting process, and she even accompanied me to the rentals showroom to pick out plates and table runners. To put it in Texan, Rosa was the left tackle to my quarterback. She was more than a coordinator, she was INVESTED. And Y’ALL. LET ME TELL YOU. I didn’t even KNOW she had other brides, that’s how dedicated she is to her craft, because let’s be honest, watching her work on the day of my wedding was like watching a conductor direct an intricate symphony of chaos and vendors and just nailing it. Her presence was beyond a comfort, especially to me, and on my wedding day everything went exactly how I had dreamt it, not a hair out of place, not a ceremony chair out of line, not a sour note or cold plate anywhere. There are truly no words to describe or express what an absolutely immaculate job Rosa and AWP did for this anxious bride. I am so blessed to have found such a fantastic, stand-up woman supporting me through one of the happiest (and hardest!) moments in my life. Did I mention she did all this while I was in a different TIME ZONE?? UM YEAH. Do yourself a favor and hire Austin Wedding Planners.

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